20 advice for the people in their 20’s

In my 33 years, for the first time, I was under lockdown for more than 55 days at a stretch. As being an extrovert, I always found opportunities to be out to talk to new people and explore life. What did this do to me? I went back through my journey and felt my 20’s were the best days of my life.

So, on the 20th of May 2020, I felt the emphasis is on 20 so the idea came to share 20 advice to all those who are in their 20’s now. I hope this adds some value and makes a difference to the readers. I think even if one person reads this and if it helps him/her I will consider my efforts to be meaningful.

advise from my 20s


1. Read one book per month

2. Daily fitness – One punch man workout

3. Don’t think too much about the X

4. Be careful about the friends you make

5. Start writing blogs regularly

6. Invest in knowledge and skills

7. Don’t have cars and house in dream list

8. Don’t marry till you don’t feel financial stable

9. Don’t buy expensive phones

10. Invest that money into stocks

11. Mediate and yoga regularly

12. Don’t spend time with people who speak about others all the time

13. Travel solo to any destination

14. Your time is money, respect time.

15. Invest in large event and workshop

16. Don’t spend on coffees, pizzas too much

17. Avoid any kind of addiction

18. Find a mentor

19. Meet more new people

20. Build a investment portfolio for long term

If you follow this, believe me, you will transform your life, and ’30s shall be a life worth living. I must tell you, all these are from my experience so you can be assured to gain more than lose anything.

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