6 lessons from travel life

First of all, do you remember that take-off experience on a flight? Yes, I do. So I felt the adrenaline rush into the heart made me first close the eyes and sit tight. That was the day I could feel what ‘ being on top of the world really means.’ As a result, I could not stop watching through the window, the earth below me slowly getting to seem smaller in size and clouds that were touching my soul. I was speechless and thanked God for this wonderful life.

Due to these flights traveling the world is a reality for most people. So life is about travel for some, and travel is life for many. Hence, we see the surge in demand for the travel industry.

So, I was invited to various talks at colleges where I saw the younger generation excited about traveling. Because of which I thought it’s important to share the learning of my travel life to everyone who looks forward to this path of self-exploration. This is because travel helped me be a better person and I think it’s my responsibility to share it with the world.

Top six lessons from travel life

Travel life lessons

1. Making a decision

Each one dreams to travel in life, but the reality of travel is in making a decision. I say it is the toughest part for many people. The reason is that they don’t have a clear idea because of a list of thoughts in their minds delaying the decision.

List of question that delays your decision
So where do we travel?
– When to travel?
– Who to travel with?
– Can I afford the expenses?
– How many days to travel for?

These are the roadblocks for many people and 3/10 make through this because they first make a decision. So the decision to say, come what may I will travel. Certainly, these people I call the solo travelers adventurers who are willing to explore the travel diaries to seak for self-exploration. To me, they are risk-takers and decision-makers. Once you are able to make the decision about travel, observe you will be best at it in real life too. Making plans, getting people to sync along, and be a leader. So, my first advice is to make a decision and you will then find the next steps going along.

2. Fighting the fears

Once you made the decision, you start to foresee the fear of how travel will plan out. Safety is what everyone looks for but it is very normal for people to also think about the challenges you could be thrown into. I call them “what ifs ” will make your mind fill with fears. The list of fear is as below

– What if I miss my flight.?
– How will I manage at the airport?
– What if I lose my baggage?
– How do I communicate with people around?
– I hope I keep my passport safe.
– How to be in touch with family?

All the thoughts that make you fear, are situations you going to experience. This is also part of a travel journey, to face the fear. Once you have lived through these fears trust me, travel life becomes your self-motivator. So, fears are good, one must have them, its the sign the travel means a lot to you.

3. Belief in self

We as individuals often evolve with experiences in life. It is a process even in travel life. You are constantly thinking about every small detail to ensure your safety and be well prepared. This soon becomes a recipe where you start to believe in your ability to make decisions and overcome any fear. That moment when you are in your favorite dream destination watching though the mountains, you will be a new version of yourself. This is that point in life when you really understand the meaning of travel. You are the epicentre of this experience. This belief makes you a stronger and better person in life.

4. Survival of the fittest

Travel is an academy that trains you to be the best version of self. There are two types of travel ; planned and unplanned. Planned itineraries are safe havens you build to ensure you have comfortable experiences since you choose to travel with spouse, family and loved ones. It is about responsibility and memorable experiences. I am referring to unplanned solo trips where you go through the test of survival as you choose to travel longer days, cheaper stays and survive for more experiences. You are willing to be on the edge and test your ability to lead a travel life most call ‘nomad traveller’ . To bring out your inner voice and test your limits, I suggest you experience unplanned trips.

5. Know your true personality

Once you start to travel, you understand your preferences well. You start to feel what works best for you. When I say, it could be choice of stay, things to do in the city, how you choose to spend the money, how much time you willing to sit at the site seeing places. This opens up your personality and thus you start crafting your travel journey accordingly.

6. Think global

Once you have traveled abroad, your perspective changes drastically. You start to think about the opportunity available in the world. You start to interact with tour guides, hotel staff, and locals who give your warmth and share more about the experiences. The problems you would have faced in the process of planning, booking, experiences of travel gets into your mind as you would have seen millions of tourist through your imagination at the airport and destination. You start to think, who are these people like me who have chosen to explore and come from all parts of the world.

Believe me, these are just 6 but you will learn much more than the above. I wish each one travels to find the better version of self to make life meaningful. To meet new people and learn new things rarely happens in our daily routine life. I always suggest to have a look at the global map and imagine the future awaiting for you to travel the world.


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