7 habits of being wealthy

Over last 5 years, I have met 1000+ golfers who on an average makes 10x my annual income. Initially I felt low, but soon I realised I can learn so much more from there successful people.

It was important for me to take note of their habits as it was a deciding factor to building wealth. I invested all my time and money in researching about the 1% wealthy who makes decisions on and off the course.

The experiment has been fruitful as I could learn and implement few habits in my personal life to see how I produced 10X results for myself. The learnings from my notes are as shared below.

Top 7 habits that make you be wealthy

1. Think Big or Go home.

The first rule of wealth is to dream big otherwise there is 0% chances of being wealthy. All these people have taken those risks and have dreamt big in their life. So, if you aren’t thinking big, better go home.

2. Law of attraction

When you meet a wealthy person, ask him what he wants in life. Believe me, he has clear picture of his goals and ensures to attract it on daily basis. Law of attraction is powerful. So, make it a habit to revisit your goals on daily basis and attract strongly.

3. Food for thought

The wealthy people are very particular of what they feed their mind and body. This is their food for thought. They are busy with their schedules which makes them stay on top of their game with high energy and focussed energy. Eat healthy, exercise well.

4. Invest in self.

They are constantly upgrading their skills on daily basis to ensure more ability to make decisions. They want to be better each passing day. There is no compromise on growth. There try new things and get to implement at work place.

5. Risk takers

When you want to make decisions, winning is all we want but being ready to lose is also part of the game. These wealthy minds understand the power of taking risks and build that appetite to grow with it. Believe me, it is very important to be successful. You miss 100% of chances you don’t take.

6. Philanthropy – Give back to society

Each one when reached the top finds their purpose. Habit of giving back is their strength. Produce more and give more. It also is because as you give more, you start producing more automatically. 

7. The people you spend time with

Your network defines the networth. These individuals spend quality time building their network and are very picky about the people they like to be with. This is because they want to hear growth, opportunities and fellowship with right people. So, pick your tribe wisely.

Do you have any habits of your own that has made you successful? Do share with me.

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