An hour a day keeps debt away

We all have heard the quote ‘ An apple a day, keeps doctor away.’ Just like that I came up with my belief that An hour a day, keeps debt away.’

What I mean to share in today’s post is how simple we can structure our life, to ensure we don’t get trapped in the debt net.

Usually, people who work hard in life are chasing, big dreams and goals in life. Yes, this is a good thing, but we don’t realise the baggage we adding to it.

What is this baggage I am referring to?

The baggage I am referring to is the debts, lifestyle addiction, unhealthy sleep timing, excessive stress and many more. This chase is never going to get over if you are not clear what you really want from this life.

This blog is to teach you the way we can build passive income, ensuring we don’t have to worry about money over a period of time. Indirectly it mean to retire and be financially free.

So today I will share how you can make 100$ per day i.e 36,500 $ per year with just investment of 60 min per day.

Like I said, you need to build passive income in your life. Everyday take out 60 minute to invest in your Pi Game. The game that will help you set free financially and lets you follow your passion in life.

You could be working full time in a job, be a freelancer, student or anybody. It does not restrict anyone from taking out an hour to invest in the future. This future is about system and passive income.

Read my previous blog to learn more about the ideas on how to make money by working from home. Hope this helps you to implement the goals you set to be financially free.

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