Be your own CEO

We all get inspired when we hear ‘ Be your own boss’.

The challenge with that is no one likes ‘A boss’. So, stop telling that to yourself ever again. What is the reason we all strive to be independent?

After a lot of research, I came to a conclusion that as humans we like to make our own decisions. We are driven by goals and purpose. We want to build wealth for ourself and our family. That is what drives a lot of people.

This is exactly what a CEO does in professional life. Think about it, when you on this journey to build passive income, would you not want to be the CEO to run your business making decisions and growing it on daily basis.

That’s why role of a CEO is very critical in every business. You either help the company succeed or fail. You need to constantly upskill yourself and be proactive than reactive.

It is the ownership one takes to grow their business. CEO is mostly the face of the company that communicates with the team, customers, and investors.

The risk and reward are high thus the position comes with a lot of stress too. Being able to manage people, growth and competition can get ugly if the CEO is not clear on his / her goals running a company.

The CEO’s perspective is a dimension of key things one should focus on to be successful in their career. Hope this helps.

CEO's perspective
  • The key CEO perspective are mentioned as below

1. Team

So, being able to create a winning team is a secret of success for every CEO. Their priority is to recruit and train the best talent. Sometimes, it is even considered to hire smarter talent in a team that one can learn from. It builds a growth culture.

2. Cash Flow

Therefore, if you observe every leader ensures to keep the liquidity in place for the company to grow. This is important and allows the company to know the runway to ensure no hiccups.

3. Communication

Every leader believes in constant communication with the team to resonate the vision of the company. CEO takes communication as priority as that ensure everyone is together and growing.

The CEO perspective is an important aspect of every business. Most people aspire to have the title of a CEO. But they do not realize the thinking required to be successful at that position. So, It is not easy. You can ask any CEO on how he/she manages the responsibilities. They will share the challenges it comes with but also give key insights to be successful at that position. I will share those learning here with you.

  1. Let go of EGO, it won’t help anyone.
  2. Learning is the key to growth. Read more books.
  3. Be prepared to face different situations on a daily basis.
  4. Never procrastinate work.
  5. Always encourage the team for growth.
  6. Be a role model by action.
  7. Create next-level leaders.
  8. Be ok to replace with even more skilled employees.
  9. Listening to people is a must to have skills.
  10. Success comes with a lot of patience.

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