Build passive income by blogging

The world of content is evolving. Everyday 3.5 Billion searches happen on google which translates to about 40,000 searches every second. Wow ! Isn’t this fantastic? That’s why remember you can build passive income by blogging. Get started now.


This is the game I love to play. The game where you need to show up on top of the search page when the world is looking for ‘something’. This something is your content that needs to be showing up on their screen right on top and have valuable information that makes your user stick to your product.

Yes, I call blogging as a product and not a service. Since, we trade service in time and product with money. Eventually service businesses never scale at large and they limit growth due to dependency on human resource.

Our goal is to Build once, make money twice. 

game of passive income, make money by blogging

The first step to starting your blog is to have clarity on the domain expertise. One you chose the topic and idea, you need to give your blog a name. You can use Blog name generators or go through the process I used for myself.

Let me share my journey how I started the blog. 

1. Passion 

I made a list of ideas I was passionate about to write, scribbled them down and told myself what would excite me even after 10 years.

  • Travel
  • Growth Mindset
  • Golf
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Wealth 

2. Expertise
I knew my expertise is in building Wealth, Business and Finance. So it was now important to understand what the world was looking for. With my research I felt the above three were very generic. But I found that most people needed answers to below

  • Work from home
  • Remote work
  • How to make money online
  • Can we create passive income while having a job
  • Ideas to retire early

3. Clarity 
After analysing the options, I was able to see Passive Income by blogging as one of the ways for the world to be financially independent. It covered aspect of Wealth, Business and Money. I was ready for something big. I had to give it a name. 

Brief : Keep is fun, sport, fresh and has a .com
The names I came up with were

  • Wealth works
  • Work Passive
  • Game of Wealth
  • Game of Passive Income

4. How I landed up with finalising the name
I liked the aspect of having the word ‘ Game ‘ in my domain as it clearly defines me. So, Game of passive income suited best but I felt it was a long spell. To make it fun and interesting I connected the Passive Income to the Mathematical ‘ Pi = 3.14 ‘
So, I had my blog name defined and next step was to buy the domain.

5. Buy a domain
I went to and looked for gameofpi & the .com was not available. So I decided to go with and got it for 9$. Hurray!
Remember, not to spend a lot of money on domain as your content matters more than the domain. I was happy in this case as on the May 1st my official journey towards building passive income had started. 

Namecheap domain , passive income, blogging

6. Choose a blog platform

Finally, you need to choose the platform you want to write your blog on. There are a lot of free blog websites that makes it easy for you to begin your journey like for example

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr

I did not think too much as it was a choice between Blogger and WordPress. Both of them are good but to me the money was in quality of content. I knew it was the meat of my product. So, went ahead with WordPress and hosted my domain onto it. 

So, I will be building this blog into an asset that earns money online. You can see how I make 5000$ a month over a period of 20 month. I will be sharing the secrets on here. Keep reading and get started now.

Welcome to the game of passive income.

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