Listen to the Podcast Hosted by Nikhil Shankar

One day Nikhil called me to discuss his show called the ” Get Out with Nikhil Shankar” which is a weekly podcast covering inspirational stories of travel enthusiasts and influencers. I was happy to know there was someone wanting to put the travel stories on a podcast.

Podcast Chetan Yallapurkar

It was my first time being on a podcast show. I had never been on a podcast mike before but Nikhil knew the pulse of getting it right. He said let’s meet and we ended up meeting at a pub.

That was a great icebreaker to open up and get to know each other. I told him, that I had never been on a podcast show before but he assured me that it’s easy and not to worry about it. Expect a conversation and rest we are good to go.

We went to our office and he set the podcast station. That was a great experience to know in about a few minutes we going to record the interview. I had no idea what he was about to ask, as he wanted it to be candid. I said that’s fine.

The learnings I had from this interview were amazing. I learned a lot from having an audio-based interaction. Listening to your own voice with the mic on is a lot like self retrospection.

  • Be proud of your voice. Overcome the fear by doing it first.
  • Sometimes you learn more with new experiences.
  • It helps you open up your life stories.
  • It is a great medium of content sharing.
  • Let the words listen to you.

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