The game of cricket during the COVID-19 crisis

The year 2020 has witnessed the pandemic putting the world under the longest global lockdown. Because of the virus which originated in Wuhan called as COVID -19 virus. Every nation is working towards controlling the spreading of humans to humans in the best way possible. The side effect of lockdown is directly affecting the economy of the nation. We must admit the crisis has made humanity above the economy and understand the importance of nature making sustainability a priority in future developments.

There is a need to approach the crisis differently. The objective is to let the mind open up to the possibilities. I am sure our Govt is doing its best to control the cases but a larger section of people feels it’s not doing enough. Being a democratic country, its amazing to see how the battle unfolds of words and action. Let’s restrict our focus to Indian COVID- 19 situations to ensure we have valuable takeaways.

A quick background to the journey of COVID -19 India.

Lockdown 1.0

On the 24th March 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Lockdown 2.0

So the govt announced extension for 19 more days until the 3rd of May.

Lockdown 3.0

So, the country was divided into different zones ( Green, Orange, Red ). The lockdown was further extended until 17th May under guidelines from state govt.

Statistics currently are as shown in the image below Courtesy : Covid19Org

covid and cricket relation

This was a big decision for a nation like India which has no financial and health cover or blanket for its citizen from the govt so people earn their own living through daily wages, salary, business income. There are a lot of schemes but I feel it requires a real-time tech-enabled solution that is missing.

I know the govt is working towards it but the fact is, we don’t have it in place. So coming to the lockdown decision, was this required, yes it did and the core of the nation is about saving human lives. The value system by principle makes it a good decision. This lockdown meant to create the infrastructure required for the hospitals to prepare beds, N95 masks, PPE for all medical staff who were the lifeline of the nation to save from the crisis.

So now let’s approach the crisis from a perspective of a cricket

Let’s look at cricket since we as a nation have been cricket fanatics I will choose to go by it so that most people reading this can relate to my thoughts. I would have loved to take Golf as my favourite approach but let’s keep it some future content.

Game of crisis – How we play cricket

Welcome to the game, India v/s COVID 19.

The umpires are on the crease for the toss and COVID called for heads, won the toss, and elected to BAT. Wuhan came on strike and started putting the numbers on the table. The run rate seamed going so high that umpires decided to put on the helmet for safety. So WHO knows who can get injured during the game. The gates were closed to ensure no player goes out.

India was certainly worried about the increasing score. The captain decided to play defensive and got a spinner on board to lock down the scores. All the state’s head were asked to be on the boundary line and medical doctors to wicket keep. The keeper required the gloves and helmet/masks for their safety since were closely monitoring the batsman. The economy rate was getting out of hands.

Then after each over the ball was changed and hands were washed. The bowlers were trying to save every run and take the wicket of COVID. India managed to control the runs and have green zone dot balls in the mid over. But concern was in 4 state zone players where COVID took maximum runs putting them into the red zone. India needed an exit plan. The commentators were important in the process. As now, India needed to use the Powerplay well keeping the politics out of the game.

So the defensive approach made the team weak as with each over the economy rate was being affected. So the captain decided to attack the COVID with allowing the best bowlers to pace the ball different, few bouncers and yorkers. India certainly knew that they had to then chase the runs post lockdown of 50+ overs is done. COVID made half-century 50′ (000) & India got the defense to stop it from hitting a century 100′ (000).

India was waiting for its coach Dr. Fauci to advise the strategy to win over COVID. So when the weather turned bad, the game was paused and everyone stayed back at home. We all are hoping to see India win against COVID and make 1.3Billion people happy and lift the economy cup.

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