Decode the secret of a successful blogger

Hello folks, blogging is an art. It is a mix of creativity and mindfulness. 

You will come across a lot of articles around how to make money by being a blogger. Most people think blogging is writing articles, period. 

I differ to the times we live in, blogging has evolved significantly in last decade. With addition of newer medium of platform for consuming content like Video ( YouTube, Instagram reels etc ) & Audio ( Podcast ) the world of blogging needs to upgrade. 

I will be decoding the secret to being a successful blogger relevant to 2021 and future.

You will come across top blogs that have made millions of dollars and they all have one thing in common, massive reader base. ( subscribers )

  • Gizmodo: $4.8 million per year.
  • Smashing Magazine: $5.2 million per year.
  • TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year.
  • Mashable: $30 million per year.
  • PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year.
  • Moz: $44.9 million per year

So, lets decode the GAME to be successful even if we started from ground zero today and how to build a huge reader base.
1. Know your consumers
Remember, you are a creator and there are millions of people who I call are the consumers. Knowing your consumers is very important. 
Take time to draft a copy, about who will be looking to read your content and will find value in it. 
This is very important as this brings clarity in the way you write, share and connect with audiences. If you unsure of how to do it, then let me help you with example. 
Example : Consumer profile copy for [ TheGameofPi ]
Sachin is a newly graduated student out of college who is tech savvy and digital nomad. He is unemployed currently due to Covid crisis and is looking for a full time job while is ready to start something as a gig. He is currently 23 and can dedicate 4 hours daily to his gig apart from his other assignments. He wants to be making money in short time, and doesn’t know the secret to building passive income. He deserves to know about TheGameOfPi. Arjun is a 30, an tech engineer who has been working with an MNC for last 8 years. He works for 14 hours daily and goes through burnout due to stress. This has affected his health and is still unmarried. He wants to streamline his life with having a consistent income while he is unsure how to do it. He is looking for a change of job, while it still entails him to work for a monthly pay check. He surely deserves to know the secret of building passive income by investing just few hour daily until he replaces his current salary. Swati 32 and is a mother to a kid. She gave up her professional career to look after her kid and family. She is currently a homemaker. Filled with ideas and passion to start something on her own, she deserves to know about building passive income while working daily for 2 hours writing about her professional career or about parenthood. 
So, this is how I know my target readers and thus helps me in writing more effectively. Do this for your blog content and know your consumers it removes all the clutter in the mind and helps your stay ahead in the curve.
2. Search the right Keywords 
The key to successful blogging is about the keywords. You need to know what keywords are you targeting. Spend more time in researching this using tools that are available. Do check from any of these below :

Now that you know your consumers better, let’s now analyse their search patterns. 
I do this by making a FAQ list i.e frequently asked questions online. 

  • how to make money from home
  • ideas for generating passive income
  • part time work
  • how to start online business
  • passive income ideas
  • how to be wealthy in life
  • what is the secret to be wealthy 
  • passive income stream
  • how to quit job and be your own boss

I have made a list of 50 keywords and understood the search volumes on each of them. Will share more details in next article.  For now, its important to know the Top Keywords for your blog. 
3. Write, Write, Write – Content is King
Once we know the target keywords, we need to write content that goes into google top ranked keyword. Remember, this is a long term effort and we need to keep doing this consistently. 
This is not going to be easy. 
Google has 3.5 Billion searched daily so ~ 0.002/10 people stay focussed and make it to the top ranked articles. As I tell myself, every article I write is working 24/7 to generate passive income for me in the future.
So, how do you write content that stays relevant and gets highly indexed on google search. 

  1. Write original – Avoid copy paste content. Write raw and be true to your words. 
  2. Bulls eye – Pick long tail keywords as they are powerful and not many target. 
  3. Audio & Visual – Use Images, Videos and Podcast to let your audiences stick longer on your site. 
  4. Frequency – Consistency is most important. How many blogs can you write in 52 weeks.
  5. Create engagement – Ensure your blog has comments, share, like features to drive traffic.

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