I failed and I am proud to share

It’s time, to be honest with each other. Smiles are good but tears are real. I failed and I am proud to share. Remember that failure is a stepping stone for success.

Today I felt the need to share with the world my failures. Failures that are personal. With so many of us living in a so-called social life on social media, we feel life is just about likes and followers.

This is why we only share photos, content that make us look good. Travel stories, food diaries, celebrity meets, the luxury collection all around on the digital world is dividing us within. I want to stop this trend.

We should be proud to share little things that we tried and failed. Be able to give the world the lessons we learnt. Share our experiences in true spirit to strive harder next time. As a human society we should support each other when the other person is down.

If you too agree with me on this, I suggest you share about little failures in your life and how you coped up with it. This way we can make people understand that it’s ok to fail and life still will go on.

The failures can be anything. Personal or professional, small or big, our effort is in being proud sharing failures. I felt this when I played the most horrible golf round and did not want to share my scores on the grint app.

I thought about it and felt bitter so much that I told myself how can I play like this. What will my friends think about me? Soon, I realized I am putting a lot of pressure on myself, and I should be taking it positively and share.

There is a saying, Failure is the stepping stone to success. This means that if you fail, do not lose heart. Observe the mistakes that led to the failure and try to overcome them in his next attempt. Never give up.

failure is stepping stone

So, be proud to share your failure and learn from them. They are surely going to help us in the path of success.

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