The feeling of being second

Just as I was sipping my evening coffee, I decided to write my second blog watching through the window and music in the ears. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘ being second ‘.

I felt I had my topic for the day. ‘The feeling of being second has been a personal experience from my school days.

This incident happened during my sports day at school. I remember crying when I came second in a 200 meter race. My class teacher came to me and said

” Why are you crying, Chetan ? You came second, you have won a silver medal. Cheer up. Focus now on your 100 meter finals, give your best.”

being second is your first step to success
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I still don’t know why I cried that moment, but certainly, there was a feeling of I gave my best but then I lost. That pain was the best thing that happened to me. I felt it was my fuel to growth.

I immediately went to my good friend Prateek who was participating in a high jump event and he came second. He looked the happiest.

I asked him, ‘ Why are you so happy?’ He said it’s his first victory in his life and he is delighted.

My perspective completely changed. I joined his celebration as it got few points to our Red House.

Immediately, I remember my 100 meter race next so decided to stretch and focus on my game.

I could feel that pain of being second. I kept my focus on winning. So, I didn’t bother to hear any friends cheering, any sound except for the starters saying ” On your mark, get set, Go.

I ran like there seemed nothing stopping, I could feel that rush in my blood and when I touched the finishing line first, I was filled with joy. I came first. My housemates were all cheering and I felt overwhelmed. I still have both the medals from that event.

Now, when I go back in time the silver medal for coming second has been very special. It pushed me to work harder and focus on winning. It makes us stronger and teaches a life lesson.

There is nothing right or wrong, it’s about one’s choice. Being second helps us learn a very strong emotion to accept and work hard the next time.

Let us learn to be stronger and take it in a positive spirit to do better the next time. Life is beautiful and second by second we tick one ahead. Never give up.

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