Focus – Life lessons from the game of golf Chapter – 1

Welcome to my exclusive content series called ‘ Life Lessons from the Game of Golf ‘. I will be sharing each week one blog on every Friday where it has overall 8 chapters to my first series.

You might be a golfer or even someone who hasn’t ever played golf before, my attempt is to share the knowledge that will be powerhouse to both. As you read, I can assure you that you will either want to go play golf or learn the lesson through my series and implement in your daily life.

So the first thing about the game of golf is it demands absolute FOCUS. Thereby this is also valid for even in our real life. This clarity comes from being focussed.

In reality humans have numerous distractions that makes focus the hard thing. Mind plays a vital role in keeping focus as priority. So, it is not easy while it is important. How where do you see the importance of focus playing pivotal role in our life.

  • Education
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Sports

How do you build the FOCUS in your life?

  1. Goal Setting
    The purpose of what you do and why you do becomes very important for you to build focus. Get this clarity at the beginning. Have a clear priority going into your life.

    This largely is macro and should align with your outcome you want to achieve.

2. One shot at a time
Once we have the goal set for ourselves, it then becomes that much more important to stay in course and focus on shot at a time. If you really think about it, there is distraction everywhere in life.

But once we thinking about every shot as it come, we stay focussed. Play each shot to be in direction of your goal.

3. Enjoy the process
While we all want to be achieving greater success, one should not get serious into making it stressful. The focus is a state when you are able to control your mind and emotions in right balance.

Achieve this by the process of enjoying the course you have chosen.

Watch my video documented sharing the details on Focus.

So, remember that the first important life lesson from golf is about being focussed and knowing the purpose of your game.

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