Focus on your game, the outcome doesn’t matter

On a beautiful Sunday morning at the Eagleton golf course, I got to see the sunrise from the 11th hole fairway. It was at about 6:20 am and I immediately clicked a photo as in the image below. So, I was playing with a positive mindset to have a great round of golf. For that reason, I was playing a stress-free game until the 16th hole. Furthermore, one bad shot got me frustrated. At this point, I lost the feel of my game and was not able to come back.

I kept repeating the mistakes, even though I was trying to avoid it. The co-golfers were trying to motivate me suggesting to forget the bad score and play well on the last hole. As I walked on the 18th, I remembered the sunrise I had witnessed this morning. Now the sun was peaking up on my head and getting really hot. At this moment I told myself ‘ Focus on your game, the outcome doesn’t matter

Early morning Sunrise at Eagleton Golf

So, You could be an employee, a business person, a sportsman, a politician, or a student in all which case you will for once not agree with what I said. That’s because each one believes to work towards a goal with a definite outcome. We all want to achieve the goals and that’s the easiest part. But what we miss realizing is that the outcome is only an illusion. Therefore, when I say this, it could possibly mean that you succeeded in achieving the goal you set for yourself. But for how long is the question. It passes so quickly with the time that you would have already set your next goal. Also, if you fail to achieve the results you will be affected for the longest time. Because you want to win.

That’s how the mind functions. It is a never-ending process only until you understand that your outcome should have no effect on your mind. Operate like the needle of a clock, that ticks every second to move the minutes, towards the fine hours. So, You cannot stop functioning. Therefore you need to train your mind to experience every aspect of life and be in control of it.

So, who cares what the outcome is, you need to learn to handle yourself. Therefore in all scenarios, you be in control of your thoughts. As a result, don’t get the victory to your head. You need to stay grounded and focus on your game. Do read my other blog where I share about how it feels to be second.

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