Habits of a wealthy mind

As you are ready to take on this journey to build passive income, it is important to know the habits of a wealthy mind.

Habits create personality. If you invest in building a good habits today, it will pay you for a lifetime. Read the Forbes magazine and you will want to learn the secrets of being wealthy.

Over the years, I have studied lot of successful people and curated top 5 habits of a wealthy mind.

1. Early to bed early to rise

The first most important thing about wealth is discipline. The discipline of how well you rest your body on daily basis. Most successful people are early riser. They believe in early to bed, early to rise.

This is very important as a sound sleep heals your body the best and being particular about sleep time and wake up time, creates positive energy on a daily basis. Do take the first step and see the changes for yourself.

2. Respect each other’s time – On time every time

The most important sign of a wealthy person is how he treats his time and also others time. If you are clear on your priorities, you will create a plan accordingly and schedule your activities. Likewise, when you are meeting others, you respect their time too.

This is clearly evident as they tend to be speak less, get to the point and move forward. Growth is important and that happens when you respect each others time.

Be on time for meeting, leave earlier than planned and ensure you don’t make anyone wait.

3. Daily fitness regime – Non negotiable

Fitness is important part of wealthy minds as they realise they need to service their body on daily basis. This is only because the wealthy mind thinks long term. You need to build your body that can handle movement actively even after you are 80.

This also brings to important point of dependency. A wealthy person might have the money, but never would choose to be dependable on another person to support for walking, wheel chair etc.

The idea of being fit means true freedom.

4. Constantly learning new skills Рgrowth mindset 

The journey to being wealthy requires you to constantly keep investing on learning new skills. These skills become your armour for life journey.

Education thus becomes very important which helps you to take action. These build experiences. So, a wealthy person might have world of knowledge through experience but still he will read books , newspaper, try new skills etc to be involved in the process of growth.

Learning never stops.

5. Give back to the society 

The idea about accumulating wealth is amazing, but what purpose will it serve is very important. Most wealthy people after a point realise that they have a joy to give back to the society. This is important for humanity.

So, the more wealthy people are created, the more wealth gets distributed.

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