Hello, world!

Hello World ! I am Chetan. Welcome to my blog.

I always thought about starting my own blog but have been procrastinating for about 5 years now. In past I did attempt to start but never was able to write consistently.

So, finally I made a decision to put my 33 years of life scribbling words on diaries to go digital through blogs. This is a new beginning for me.

The purpose of starting this is, to document my thoughts and views online. Since a child, I enjoyed writing. It always gave me a freedom to express my emotions through words.

I remember friends called me ‘ Kavi ‘ in Kannada ( ಕವಿ ) it means ‘ Poet ‘.

Thus writing has given me an identity since I was 14 years. My upbringing has been in boarding school, so writing letters to parents on a weekly basis was only form of communication. I still cherish those days.

I wanted to get back to serious writing and make it part of my daily habit. This is a start and I hope to keep writing consistently for the longest time.

So, what do I write about ?

My life has been largely about Travel, adventures, risks, playing golf, business consulting and wealth mindset. I felt I can share my insights to the world through my blog.

Chetan the game of passive income
Growth and change are real.

The power of writing can change lives of people. You can inspire someone by your words to take action and achieve success. To me this was a strong purpose.

Do be part of my journey and my thoughts through this blog and let’s make writing really fun.

Yours truly

Chetan Yallapurkar


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