How golf changed my life

Did golf happen to me or I went in search of golf? I did not know anything about golf in my life until I first visited Zion Hills golf course. So, I still have that question in my mind. 4 years since then I feel proud to have made the decision.

Being at the course where I first learned golf basics, it took me through the journey in time-lapse mode. So I decided to share it with everyone how I started golf in my life with – Zion Hills Golf Course.

Being an explorer means having no plans. I chose a life being on the edge and doing things that made me travel around the world. I never thought I would be playing a sport that required patience and mentally tough.

golf start zion hills


  • Start my own business
  • Travel to about 15 countries
  • Gross sales of over 2 million dollars
  • Write articles, blogs, content
  • Play golf
  • Got featured on top media

These things make life seem perfect. But life needs growth, and then golf happened. Today, when I went back to Zion Hills to remind where I first started golf I felt proud.

Now, writing has been a responsibility to share the knowledge that will help the future generation. Be clear to experiment, experience true joy, and follow your passion.

With this experience, I decided to pursue my goal in golf to the next level. There I met Tarun Sardesai head coach at TSG academy who shared his vision to build champions of the academy which made me immediately connect with him.

I want to dedicate my life to growing the game in my ability through writing and playing good golf. Certainly, golf will be the medium to pursue my goals in life.

Through the course, I will focus on sharing the art of making wealth while playing golf which demands time and mindfulness. Stay tuned as I bring more content soon.

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