What does happiness mean to you?

We all look forward to happiness in life. It is usually a very personal thing for each one. Which means it is different to different people. So at first, we should know what happiness means to us?

So, once we have defined it, we all want to know how to find that happiness. Thus, with the 8 hours life theory, I have made a list of things that will make you find that happiness every single day.

Before we go into it, did you ever think why we all choose to seek for happiness? It is because it makes us experience true joy within us.

During this experience, we do not think of negative emotions. Do you agree with me? Think about it, what are things that make us feel happy.

the secret to happiness

List the happiness around you

  1. Do look into the mirror
  2. Stay fit in body shape
  3. Always have a smile on the face
  4. Talk to your friend
  5. The importance is given to you
  6. Surrounded by happy people
  7. Listening to your favourite music
  8. Dancing on your favourite song
  9. Watching your favourite movie
  10. See the flower grow in your garden
  11. Time spent with kids
  12. Listening to humour
  13. Go through an old photo album
  14. Seeing your favourite player win
  15. To see your nation win in a sports competition.
  16. Travelling is blissful – explore

The list goes on. The important aspect of happiness is that the choice is with us. So, it is the choices we make in life that give us true happiness.

  1. See the sunrise early at 5 am.
  2. Do the workout.
  3. Meditation is important.
  4. Be active and do not procrastinate.
  5. Keep your home and workplace clean.
  6. Have a cup of tea/coffee. – mood booster.
  7. Greet people with a warm smile.
  8. Be nice to everyone around.
  9. Do gardening – builds patience.
  10. Read your favorite books.
  11. Read positive quotes daily.
  12. Write a journal or anything to share with the world.
  13. Learn to play music/hobby of your choice.
  14. Help others.
  15. Teach someone a positive lesson.
  16. Givers Gain.
  17. Listen to your favorite music.
  18. Time spend with family.

The key is to ensure we put ourselves in a state of mind where happiness is by choice. We need to trigger that emotion. We need to attract that by being aware each time. Hope this helps and you start being happy.


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