How to be out of the rat race trap

So the idea of life is to live a meaningful one. Thus each one lives their life by their own choice. Therefore they call it a rat race where each one is doing work chasing something aspirational. But the crazy part is that no one has ever achieved it.

Remember this rat race is a never-ending, self-defeating, pointless pursuit according to me. So, after having spoken to thousands of people I felt they all are lost in their life. Which means they are unsure of what they really chasing. This happens when one is in the so-called rat race.

Also the reason I say this is because personally I too was sold to this idea until I decided to start my own business. It may refer to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially and get settled. This never happens as the chase never ends.

So, I will share how you can avoid this trap and rebuild your life with important lessons from successful people. I would re-emphasise on saying, the choice is always in your hand, even in toughest of phase in life.



So as humans who part of this rat race are to be classified into 2 types. The first one is who wants a big pie of the cheese ( Big Dreams ) and other who looks for small pie of cheese ( Small dreams ).


What is the cheese the rat chase looking for? It is the money, designation, cars, house, and all luxurious needs.


In the hunt of the cheese, these rats wander all over places looking for opportunities. They take all the risks and fall prey for the trap which once they get in, ends their life. These trap are the debt, liabilities, stress, health side effects etc.

How to stay away from the rat race

1. Clarity of what you really want in life
2. Knowing the why in life
3. Stay away from debt and trap
4. Choosing Family, health, and inner peace.

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