How to find meaning with the design of 8 hours of life

One thing that is constant to everybody is 24 hours a day. So, it means that we all are under a defined system called TIME. This is something I value the most. The reason for it is because my grandfather once said to me “ Son, make most of the time you have as life is truly beautiful. This phase will not come back again.” Now when I look back, I feel that’s so true.

So, I have been following the 8 hours principle personally in my life. Which has made my life really simple and get back on track with clarity of what I do and why? This way I am able to sleep better, spend quality time with family, and work with a defined objective.

So, I chose to write about this here to share with my readers the way we can bring a shift in our life. You could be a student, a homemaker, an employee, an entrepreneur, or any professional, this tool will help you greatly to make decisions. Believe me, you will feel a lot better and productive too.

the 8 hours of life

There are 3 part to the 8 hours of life which is common to all as below

  • 1. SLEEP ( have a nice sound sleep )
  • 2. PERSONAL (it’s your time )
  • 3. WORK ( they call it the 9-5 )

I will be getting detailed about each one of them in my next blog series specific to the 8 hours of life. So there will share about how these contribute meaning to our life. How do we make most of these 8 hours? What important every 8 hours has in our life?

The journey of human mankind is explained in the above picture which is self-explanatory.

Through the course of your life, from childhood to youth to the old age, the 8 hours of life will be relevant throughout. Think about what you been chasing, how you been using these 8 hours in your life. Remember, time once spent won’t come back, be wise with it.

On average, if we lived for 80 years, we would have 700,000 hours in that life. Now 1/3 of it you have been sleeping, 1/3rd you worked and the rest 1/3rd is your personal life. Think about this and you will see your mind questioning what really matters to you in your life.

Until we can manage time well,

We can manage nothing else.

So, hope you have understood what time really means and the relevance of it in life. Thus, the 8 hours will make you simplify life and spend the real-time doing what you love to do the most with people you care about.

Therefore, the 8 hours is about finding meaning in our life. Stay tuned, I will be writing more on this topic.


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