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There is no office to drive to now. We all are working from home. The lockdown has made life tough for those who don’t have a source of income. If you are looking at ideas to make money with work from home, then you landed on the right blog.

The first step to getting started to create passive income is to identify the sport you interested to play. What I mean by ‘sport’ is there are lot of ways in which you can make passive income, and knowing which one it right for you is utmost important.

Choose your sport. 

Remember, we play TheGameOfPi with long term prospective. If you want to make quick money, this is not going to work for you. So, be aware to take your time to understand how this works. 

I will be sharing you the ideas that potentially can help you generate Passive Income Stream for you and your family. 

You can then decide for yourself what fits you the best.

Top 10 Ideas to generate Passive Income are 

Passive Income ideas , Work from home, Make money from home
  1. Write a blog 
  2. Build an app
  3. Create a YouTube channel
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Rental income
  6. Peer to Peer lending 
  7. Invest in bonds, FD 
  8. Invest in long term stocks
  9. Sell an e-book online
  10. Create a course online

Now, you need to decide which of them you would like to go ahead with. Through the course of next 12 months, I will explain how we do this right and make passive income work for us.

The key here is to understand what passive income really means. Most of us, mistake it to be part time job, easy money online , freelance jobs etc. 
There is difference in Being Rich versus Being Wealthy. I am not focussing on being rich, but will be focussing on how to be wealthy. If you are game to this journey, then get started now.

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