How to manage time with work from home

Work from home has put us all in a four wall. This has limited our movement. Due to which most people experience fatigue and burnout living in solitude. 

We need to break this pattern. The key aspect here is to accept the situation we are in and use the time more effectively. This is about having growth mindset.

If you have a clear goal and a plan how to effectively manage time then believe me, you can make wonders from home or in fact by working from anywhere.

Remember, it does not matter how small your work desk is or how lavish your home is. What is important is the drive to build a passive income stream to help you achieve your life goals.

Stay true to your purpose. Being wealthy than being rich.
Do you know the difference between the two? 

The rich has the money to afford anything he wishes to, but he doesn’t have the time at his disposal. He is constantly running like on a thread mill with debts tied all around him. He is constantly playing the risk game. They eat stress for breakfast and sleep with uncertainties.

While, the wealthy are those who can afford anything they wish to, but live a more meaningful life. This is because of the passive income that takes away the stress off the hook. They know the game of how to let money and time work for them.

They eat healthy breakfast and sleep well. So, this is all about the Game of Time. Ask yourself, how have you been managing it so far? Time is very precious and we should not waste it in any way. Once lost it can never come back. I treat is as a real asset. It is the only currency with intrinsic value.

But unfortunately as I see majority of people value money more than time. They miss the plot and realise it too late in their life.

Some tell me, this game is unfair. Rich become richer, poor become poorer. This happens because of the way we treat time. 

If you are at a job, then you will realise that even if you are paid 2x of your salary, you are mostly seen more stressed because of the debts and lifestyle you build for yourself. You think you got richer by 2 times, while what is unseen is how you start wasting your precious time. 

Most executives when reach 45+ tell me, wish I had taken used my time more meaningfully. Dissatisfaction is very high when you lose time because you can’t get it back while you still can earn back the money.

So, lets understand the effective way to manage time with work from home:
1. Set your goals right
2. Have a clear tasks for the day 
3. Organised work set up – work essentials
4. Set your productive hours
5. Take breaks , switch off
6. Avoid multi tasking
7. Learn to enjoy the game
8. Stop procrastination

So, improving your time management at work allows you to enhance your productivity and achieve your desired goals. 

Believe me, this will be your best gift for lifetime. Make this your habit and see wonder happen in life. 

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