How to write a travel blog?

I chose to travel when all my friends were deciding to be an engineer. I then became a travel entrepreneur by choice. So, getting to travel around the world seemed like the most exciting feeling. Thus all others were surprised to see me take up a travel profession. But I can assure you that the travel business was considered an average career and not financially attractive.

I worked with MakeMyTrip and Yatra before starting Honeymoon Havens. So, I feel that was the best decision taken with a leap of faith to explore my capabilities in life. The reason I say this is because Honeymoon Havens made me experience the real essence of travel. Therefore, I had the fortune to travel to 15+ countries and have partners in each country. furthermore, I was able to curate experiential itineraries for thousands of couples through Honeymoon Havens.

So, I must thank a friend whom I was talking casually after a long time. She told me if I can help her share ideas on how to write a travel blog. I was excited because for the last 2 months under COVID lockdown, nobody spoke to me about travel. Though I have uploaded my travel photos on social media never did I share how to write a travel blog.

My experience has been truly personal so far and thus decided today to make it public through blogs. I believe this should help all my readers to start journalling their travelogues better.

How to write a travel blog
  • There are 4 important elements to writing a travel blog

    1. Why are you writing a travel blog?
    The answer I get is because writing is my passion. I want to express my thoughts through words. Find out your reason for writing a blog.

    2. Who are you writing it for?
    This is very important as there can be a personal reason to document in a diary or a professional reason to share it with readers.

    3. How much do you want to write?
    This means if you want to keep it short and crisp or long and extensive. This helps set a tone for your content. Be clear to allow yourself that time and meaning to your writing.

    4. What works best for a travel blog?
    This is critical as I call it the framework for your travel blog. There are 5 important points to writing a travel blog.

5 important framework for a good quality travel blog

  1. Destination
    • Best time to travel
    • How to reach
  2. Visa requirement
    • On arrival Visa
    • Details on visa procedure
  3. Budget
  4. Hotel
  5. Things to do ( Experiences )

The key is to keep your content consistent with the 4 elements shared making sure the readers take the inputs. Travel writing is a way to stay connected to the world. So start writing your travel blog and I will guide you to make it simple for you.


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