Importance of fitness in daily lives

Do you agree that we all make time to work every day but fitness sometimes gets compromised? I decided to write the importance of fitness in our daily lives is because most people haven’t really understood why.

Indeed we all want to stay fit but are we really working on it daily. So just thinking about fitness doesn’t help. But if we take action every single day it does build a habit.

Our life is a result of the habits we built by choice. But being able to create habits that help you in achieving your goals should be your priority. Are we really doing it?

It’s true, work is important as it is your source of income. But workout too is important. Treat it equals. So, its time we work-in and workout.


Fitness is important as it is your source of a healthy body and a fresh mind. Fitness adds quality of life and you will thank yourself for little habits you built early.


List if simple ideas to get started as a BEGINNER on daily fitness :

  • 1. Start with a walk
    Most people think fitness is about the gym, but the truth is it isn’t. You can walk inside your home, take a walk around your home, terrace, parks, etc. You know what the best part here is that it’s free. No membership fee, no equipment needed. All you need is a start, first step.
  • 2. Do some stretching
    So remember that our body is built with bones and muscles. When we walk beyond normal day steps, it starts to talk to you. It needs the stretching to ensure they are growing and loosening up.
  • 3. Then do some slow jog
    As you feel you doing regular walks and stretching, give speed to the movement. The reason is you will feel your heartbeat. It will be rewarding for sure. Note, keep short jogs to start with. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • 4. Find a company who has the same goals as yours
    I always believe start alone, tag some later along. Your start is your decision, to keep it consistent and grow with long term you need like-minded people around.
  • 5. Don’t set high goals, just do it because it’s your workout time.
    I am sure when you read my blog or any article on the internet you will be extremely charged up. You decide to become Rocky Balboa or Hrithik Roshan. 6 packs, biceps, and all goals come to you. I suggest you don’t do it because fitness is a journey, not a destination. Set goals that make you feel you growing on a daily basis. 5k steps every day, drink 3 liters of water daily, meditate 10 minutes daily. See the difference. Fitness is about finding happiness in our physical being.

I often tell people, one right step in the direction of growth is way more important than running miles in the wrong direction.

If you already have been doing and looking to graduate to marathon runs, goal-based workout then I will share that in a separate blog.

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