India crossed 100,000 COVID – 19 cases in 110 days

India confirmed its first COVID-19 case in Kerala in Thrissur on 30 January 2020. Since then today on the 110th day we have crossed 100,000 confirmed cases. The count of active cases went to 57,931 and have recovered 39,233. and 3,156 deaths in the country.

Kerala did manage to control its spread of COVID-19 by implementing the lockdown really well. They have become a case study for other states to look at how well they kept their mortality low in the state.


Covid 19 India Org

The 80:20 rule

If we observe the statistic in detail we can relate to the 80:20 principle. Look at 80% of the cases i.e about 80,000 have been confirmed from 20% of the states ( Maharastra, Tamil Nadu , Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh ).

Even with lockdown 4.0 announced recently, we have touched the 6 digit figures. It makes me think, have we managed to control the crisis well, or did we fail?

As a nation where there are 1.3 Billion people living under its geographic representation where each State is nothing less than a country in itself. I must tell you that the government has done a good job so far.

When we look at the global statistics, India is in 11th position while the USA has been on top with total cases 1,538,257, and the highest number of death count 91,460. China has managed to control its count and is now in the 13th position.

Well for India, to even call for a lockdown for a nation of this size meant hurting its economy the most. The pandemic has certainly affected the global economy. Every nation is trying to protect its citizen and also ensure their bailout financially to recover the economy at large.

On the 7th of May, we had touched 50,000 mark and now in 12 days since then, we see it double. I hope and pray to see the numbers controlling by May 31 until the lockdown 4.0 ends.

Please do stay safe and take care of your loved ones.

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