The Game of Passive Income

Hello World,

My name is Chetan and I am very excited today to share my secret on “How to be wealthy“. I welcome you all to my blog ‘ The Game of Pi ‘. The ‘ Pi ‘  here means Passive Income.

If you are someone who wants to know different passive income ideas then this blog is for you. Believe me this is going to be absolute fun and rewarding.


Due to the pandemic, the world is suffering worst nightmare possible. The lockdown has made people lose their jobs, suffer losses due to shut down and paused all the momentum in life. 

I spoke to a lot of people and realised that they all were looking to start something new but were unsure of the path. They did not have any idea about what to do to sustain basic expenses in life.  

I could see hopes being shattered. Survival was the goal for most. Over last few weeks, I visited LinkedIn I could see hundreds of posts about people looking for jobs. The unemployment rate was only increasing with every passing day. The most trending hashtag was #openforwork 

This is the moment, I felt the drive to share with the world my secret Pi that can transform lives of millions of people around the world. 

What is THE GAME OF PI ?

The Game of Pi , Passive income , Passive income ideas

I am an avid golfer and sports is in my blood. We all enjoy playing different sport and it brings us together. The minute we connect with it, we express growth, both physical and mental.

I wanted to build a community of like minded where we only talk, practise and play to be financial free by generating passive income stream. Are in in ? for the game. If yes, read further.

So, my idea was to gamify the concept to ensure more people participate and we have a strong purpose. Game also sounds more fun and active. 

The goal is to share the Passive Income ideas to people and help them get started if they are new to the concept. This is a long term project for me.


I am starting from scratch. So if you want to get on the path to financial freedom, stay tuned to my blog. 

I will be bringing you regular updates of my journey which becomes a blueprint for your success. If you are excited, comment share and show your love. 

Let’s play the game & share the Pi. 

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