It’s time to thrive

We are living in a time of crisis that has disrupted a lot of business. I spoke to my friend whose business is affected. There is one thing I said to each one of them, its time to thrive.

So, I felt the need to share what I meant by ‘ It’s time to thrive ‘. This is very important for every individual reading this.

Firstly let us understand the meaning of Thrive. As per the dictionary, the word refers to prosper or flourish. Thus it is something we all aspire in our life. But is it so easy? Think about it. The key here is the way we think during this phase.

Its time to thrive
I wrote a small poem to explain the essence of ' Its time to thrive'. 

He awakens us,
Every morning,
With the sunshine
and a warm heart

Getting us wiser,
With every passing day,
The life we have seen,
tells us Experience does matter.

Some choose to race,
Many sit quiet and gaze,
Waiting for a perfect day,
finally, to learn life just fades.

There aren't any boundaries,
Be sure you fly,
keep hopes alive,
Let's make most, its time to thrive.

So, remember to take action now. It’s ok to fail but it’s important we thrive. Our goal in life is to excel from within. Don’t let comfort zone sink in and make you lazy. Being able to think ahead positively gives a chance to see progress. Find a friends, colleague who resonates with you and is willing to be on the journey.

All you need to Thrive in life are 4 important things

  1. Clarity
  2. Team
  3. Communication
  4. Action

Set a goal you want to go after. Be able to direct the energy towards the task and attract the best talent alongside. Together a lot can move positively. Start to communicate clearly and take action.

Remember, the mind needs to visualize the future and that fuels you to go after the success you desire. Take it as a journey to happiness and seek for learning in the process.


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