Keep hopes alive but work twice harder

This pandemic has led to a global crisis. It has been a nationwide disaster to see how we losing people due to inefficiency in the system and lack of infrastructure.

A invisible virus has caught the breath of most humans making it necessary to call for a lockdown. Think about it, what choices do we have now?

During these hour of crisis, I want to tell you that keep you hopes alive. This phase shall pass too. But once things open up, you need to be prepared to make a shift in your approach to life.

With so many fake news spreading faster than virus on social media, I see each one stressed with fear. This is making the situation worse. So, focus on your life goals and start working twice harder towards building passive income.

As per Wikipedia: WHO announced the likelihood of a third wave being struck in India soon since community spread is like to happen. What this is telling you is, you stay at home and get vaccinated soon.

Vaccine is the hope for every human. Though it does not stop one from getting the covid but it surely safeguard the risk of death. That truly is what each one is thinking about.

Stay Alive, Stay Home.

Let us pick some positive thoughts and brighten our mind with good vibes for the society.

  1. Positive thinking wins. The victory of lights over dark.
  2. Good thoughts, create good vibes.
  3. Happiness is bliss, seek it within. Lighten other’s life.
  4. Little we know, one day can lighten thousands of lives.
  5. What matters is good health and good thoughts. Stay fit, physically, and mentally.

So, make use of the time that is available to you during the lockdown and build a powerful passive income. We can all do this working from home daily.

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