How to retire in 20 months

When you wake up, ask yourself what do you want from this life? I know this can be tough to answer, but believe me it’s very important question we need to ask ourselves.

To be honest, most often we don’t ask the right questions to ourself. We like to feel good about our life, so we convince that everything is good.

When I discuss retirement with my friends, they all have one thing in common. ‘ I want to retire by – dash ‘. This dash has been the age they specify saying want to retire by 50 , 60, 70 , 80 , 90.

It varies from person to person but it’s true that people want to some day retire. 

Two questions come to mind when people say this to me 

1. How sure are you that you will live until 50,60,70… ? 
2. What plans do you have to retire? 

In both cases, not many could give me a specific answer. I realised that most people treat retirement as a virtue of fate and hope. They say it’s too early for them to plan retirement

I was not really ok to take that answer.

Currently, I am 34 and said instead of me putting an age to retirement, can I simplify it giving a realistic timeframe. 

Obviously there are no right answers, but I felt it’s good to put aggressive number so that I can show the readers

1. That it’s possible ( Give it a shot )
2. How I achieved it ( The Process )
3. If I failed, I can share what mistakes to avoid. ( Lesson learnt )

This is when I came up with Title ‘ How to retire in 20 months ‘ 

If you are interested to learn how to retire in 20 months, commend below and stay tuned. I know it is a risk I’m taking to build in public. This truly will test me every day.

Before we get started , let’s clarify few questions in our mind.

At first let’s define retirement as most people think it is when you stop working at the age 65+. Sorry that’s not what we referring to.

We here refer to retirement, where we will choose to do what we love without having to worry about income / salary / debt etc.

Are you game to build wealth and retire in next 20 month. If so, lets get started.

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