Let’s decode Millionaire Mindset

Over past 5 years, I decided to invest my time to decode the millionaire mindset. It was my personal endeavour to learn how to retire early. But I had no millionaire friends around me, so the challenge was how will I learn the secrets on a millionaire mind.

I knew it was important for me to be around the millionaires to study their behaviours effectively. So, the first question is, where will you find them?

I needed to pick my target audience and invest 5 years in the process to decode their secret. So, this is what I did way back in 2016.

My research said, in Bangalore there are 10 million population of which I needed to handpick the top 1% to decode their life and business.

I had listed few options

  • Business network like Round table , HNI groups
  • Race course club
  • Golf Club
  • Elite membership Clubs

I chose Golf as a game and decided to venture into learning the game. This is how I made my network of over 2000+ HNI over last 5 years on the golf course.

The summary of my learning after spending 5 years with these millionaires are

  1. Think Big
  2. Network and invest on opportunities
  3. Collaborate and Scale
  4. Let money work for you
  5. Build system, buy time, earn exponential

These millionaires are constantly updating themselves with opportunities relevant to times.

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