Money versus Happiness

I was on twitter when I saw a space created which was discussing the topic Money versus Happiness. What would you choose?

I felt it was important for me to hear the prospectives of people on the speaker panel. Initial I was a listener and then moved to be the speaker. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Just then I decided it would be best I write about this topic in details as it might help a lot of readers over the years.

So, ask yourself this question and see what your thoughts are.

Believe me, there is nothing right or wrong about it. It is just about our own life experiences that makes us choose one over the other, or may be one leads to the other.


As a child my upbringing was such that I was taught money is evil. I grew up in a tier 2 city where if we were vocal about money, people thought we were money minded.

I never understood how it impacted large part of my life as I felt, too much money is bad or people with money are evil. Life changed when I turned 18. When I felt I had to earn part time income to manage my expenses living in metro city. This was the time I was living away from parents and doing my engineering.

I was a distinction student with best grades to back me a job but the curiosity of earning bit me. I tried odd jobs and soon figured out that making money is tough. I immediately decided to upgrade my skills and took up the goal to ensure I build wealth for myself.

It was hard initially but I did sales job, did 15 presentation daily selling online computer courses in 2007, worked in call centre and made some little money to pay my college fees. While I did this, I felt extremely happy.

The happiness was not about how much money I made, cos my first cheque was Rs. 2125 i.e $25. The happiness was that I was able to use my skills rightfully to earn a living for myself.

This is where I tell people, if you think having money will make you happy try living without money. It is tough. So, make sure you invest in your education, skills to earn enough money so that you don’t have to risk meal , health or happiness.


This is very subjective as it need not be connected to material things around us. If you say, i get happiness when I buy a house, car, bike, laptop etc I can assure you that the minute you bought it the feeling gets over.

There will be no more excitement as you are connecting happiness to a physical commodity. So, let me give you a hack to be happy without having to relate to materialist goals.

Make happiness as a habit from things that are free around you. You don’t need to pay for it. Believe me, this is far more sustainable than paying for something that gives happiness.

So, what are the examples for finding happiness without having to pay a penny.

  • Wake up in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise and find happiness.
  • Drink a glass of water and feel the joy in it.
  • Listen to the birds humming around you to find happiness.
  • Greet someone and make them smile to give you happiness.
  • Help someone in need by providing help and find happiness.
  • Talk to a old school friend and express gratitude.

Like this, happiness need not be linked to money or materialistic possession in life. Hope this helps and if need to ask any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

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