My First Week

In my previous blog, I shared my goal to retire in 20 months. So, it was important for me to get started on a good note. I am sure you all want to know what did I do through my first 7days.

I invested my time in curating and designing the visuals that answered life situations to this 2021. The reason I chose this is because, I saw a lot of people struggling in difficult time and were looking for directions in life.

So, the way to go about is building your first digital product and let it work for you. I used Gumroad as the platform to feature the product. Subscribe to below email address.

I believe, more than tell people what they need to do, show them the options. Let them connect with it and take action.

So, I read over 200+ quotes before selecting 21 quotes to further design in visual form. This is my first task and it was rewarding. I came across so many quotes that have real life messages. So after 6 hours of R&D, I started to design the first poster.

Find the product below.

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