Learn from your password

On an average, each one of us might have 100+ passwords which could be for accessing personal social media accounts, multiple email ids, online bank accounts, e commerce websites, subscription platform, affiliate link accounts , digital payment apps etc

Think about it, that is the only alpha numeric code that is protecting your valuable data information. Isn’t so? But still we often tend to keep easy passwords or similar passwords.

What do we get to learn from password? Think about it.

The next time you sign up for an account on any digital platform, it’s interesting to think about what password you choose. Passwords are an integral part of securing any organization or individual, and our passwords all have something in common. Our passwords are made up of four types of characters: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

The combinations can be as complex as we want. But since we think we need to remember, we put passwords that we can remember easy.

The truth is each one wants to be successful. But challenge is success means different to different people. My password will be different than yours. Having the right key at the right place matters. So, find your password to open the opportunities for growth.

You must have heard the quote , ” Success is not a destination but the journey.” Just like that your password need to change on a regular basis to protect your data.

Passwords have become the silent guardian of our digital identities,” says cyber security expert, Bruce Schneier, and his words ring particularly true.

We come across various situations around password. Let’s explore them here.


    Let us begin to understand what is your password for your success. Remember, this is confidential. You can create your own password.
    Now think what is your password?

    Our mind is mapped to a certain style of the password to unlock the pattern. You will realize how simple, easy, complicated, or unique is your password.

    Our password is an inner secret. Keep it safe.

On this journey of success, it is bound that we look at too many things in life. We are humans and it is normal that we get distracted. In such cases, it is important to be aware of the same. When you realize you don’t remember, where you headed that’s when you click the ‘ Forgot Password’ tab.

It’s ok. 98% of people forget and there is nothing wrong. But it’s only a sign of how often you coming to the portal and remember the password for success. If you aware constantly and keeping a focus on navigation you will remember it.


Our Success demands us to constantly look at the progress we doing on a regular basis. So, it helps us to realize are we on track to achieving it or any changes needed. But the key is to keep a tab on the growth you doing towards your goal.

So, when it’s time to reset, take up the role, and define the password. This should also make you think and get wired in your mind.


So, the Password is a combination of Capital, number( 0-9 ) and minimum digit (efforts/work) required. It’s your way to put this together and remind you to achieve success. It is private and confidential.

Thus when you next choose your password to remember to make it part of your daily activity. This is why Consistency is important.


Hope you now get on board and find success soon. So, Welcome on board to wire your mind with your own password *****.

Therefore you now realized how each one has a different way to reach success. So, reminding every day of our password. Thus, you enjoy the journey you set out for in life.

So, wire your mind with the right thoughts and passwords. Bring the right combination to achieve success.

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