Your purpose fuels growth

The year 2020 & 2021 has been disaster for a lot of people. While it took away the jobs of millions, it also created huge growth for a lot of business. This is why it is important to have a strong purpose in life which fuels growth. This is about creating value.

With so many uncertainties work towards finding the real purpose that drives you the most. This cannot be your survival goals but it needs to be growth based.

It is always recommended to have a long term goal as part of larger purpose in any field of work you choose.

Ask yourself, what purpose are you willing to even die for? It means that you are free from all pains on that path. Ask people who are successful and they will tell you that it is truly satisfactory.

So, how do you know what is your purpose?

The best exercise to identify your true purpose is to ask what gives you real joy in life? Is it money, people or experience. It should be one of these. Mostly purpose is about giving more than having.

Dreams and goals are like milestones for ourself, but purpose is for society. This thinking comes when you truly feel you have accomplished something valuable in life. Try this experience and believe me you will feel bliss.

It is important each one has a higher purpose in life for each work they set out to do. Humanity is powerful when we contribute back something more meaningful. So, how do find your purpose?

  1. Explore what you are passionate about
  2. Read books that bring clarity
  3. Experience will help you find the true purpose

This way, we all can strive to do something meaningful to the world.

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