The 8 habits that help you achieve success

So the secret to success apart from your skills and hard work are the habits you have in life. You may have heard, success is not a destination but is a journey. Thus it is even more important to stay on the course of this journey.

A lot of people ask me how I manage to play golf while running my current business and also write one article every day. Certainly, it is tough but not impossible. Probably they want to know how I really manage time. As time is a critical part of building a good habit. So, let me give you a blueprint to work on building these habits.

All those whom I have mentored could see results have told me how they started becoming more productive with these steps. I personally decided to implement through my golf journey and I see great results since then.

Therefore with my experiences, I have listed below habits that will help you achieve success in your life. I just tweeted the same on twitter too.

8 Habits for success

The list of 8 habits are as below

1. Read
If you speak to any successful people, they will tell you that reading is a habit they follow regularly. This habit helps you build your wisdom through books, newspapers, blogs, etc. It is also a form of disconnect from the noise around you. So, make it a habit to read regularly and enjoy that process.

2. Write
You will see the most successful people making notes during meetings, conferences, events, and have a personal diary at all times. Pen and book are two best friends of all businessmen and successful people. This could now also be digitally drafted using your mobile phones. The idea is to bring out your thoughts into words and document them. This exercise should be part of your daily habit. Like making To-do-list, writing emails, business plans, etc. You become expressive and mind experience power within.

3. Share
Have you come across people who have succeeded, who make it a point to help others by sharing their knowledge and feel good doing so. This habit is very personal but will take you a long way. Our knowledge, when shared with others, finds true meaning. That’s why you see successful people being a philanthropist. That certainly is a journey like I said earlier, but now it’s important to do it on a daily basis. Also, connecting people with opportunities too is a giver attitude. You must have heard, the more you give, the more you get.

4. Listen
Think of any successful role model in your life. You will see them have the patience to listen to other people. This comes with experience. We often tend to think the more we speak, the smarter we look. Rethink after reading this because I can assure you, the more we listen and little we speak, meaningful makes value felt to others. So, the best exercise is creating pauses and counting numbers. If you have a friend talking to you, listen to him/her carefully and that will let you soon evaluate the necessary conversation required. Sometimes, you don’t even need to speak, listening to people will help you know the other person better. Try building this as a habit. You will see great results.

5. Observe
First of all, I am glad to share that I had the fortune to meet AB Devillers at an event in Bangalore where he was felicitated for his 100th test. In his speech, he mentioned that his secret of success was the habit to observe the little details. It could be the bowler mindset, field set up, pitch conditions, etc. All successful people have this habit to observe people behavior.

6. Discipline
Once you have made a decision, it is important to have the discipline to execute the task. Discipline takes you a long way. It could be about the time you sleep, the time you wake up, routine exercises, work schedules, etc. Being able to do something with discipline is hardest but that’s the differentiator of successful people. They cannot take indiscipline.

7. Humble
Success is such a thing if you are not humble can break you down to your knees. Or possibly you will not earn respect in the eyes of society. When I say humble, it means to be thankful to people around you and have courtesy to respect people for who they are. This builds a character and created an aura for you. So, always respect people at all level of work.

8. Meditate
With all of the above, comes a key habit to be able to manage the thoughts in your mind. Meditation helps you find the balance and be more efficient. Training your mind to be empty with no clutter and negativity is critical for a lot of successful. Remember, you are building these habits to be a better personal eventually. So, every day take sometime to focus on mediation.

Hope you take the above list to build habits that will make difference in your life. There is a proven theory that you can build a habit in 21 days. Start today a new habit and see how you become better each day.


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