The core principles of my life

Often people come up to me and ask how do I manage to make life so simple. So after giving various talks at colleges over the years, I decided to put together the core principles of my life that have helped me simplify life. I hope you get to learn from this.

The idea of this is to keep the focus on only a few core principles as it helps us to better navigate life. I believe that we carry a filter along with us all our life. This filter helps us remove the unwanted and focus on important goals. If you not doing so, it is time you sort your life with below principles I follow to make most of life.

Principles of life

Play to win, not to defeat others.

To be sad, you have thousands of reasons; but to be happy you just need the one right one.”

“To all the problems in life, I have 2 answers, Time and Travel.”

“There are two ways to travel, one with a map & the other is without. “

“If you think you have a plan, remember your plan too has a plan; just for you. Accept it. ”

“I won’t say travel is everything but for everything, you need to travel. ”

The best way to learn is by reading books. Do check amazon and build the habit of reading.

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