The reason I decided to write one blog daily

It has been exactly 2 weeks since I first decided to write #OneBlogEveryDay. Writing one blog daily means being consistent. I know 14 is not a lot of days to be proud of. But if you know that I had decided to write way back since the year 2015 where I could not even write 14 blogs in 5 years totally. You will then relate to why I feel proud of myself now.

I should thank Anil, a friend who has been instrumental in setting up WordPress and gave the vision to write a blog daily. Remember, I knew nothing of blogging when I started, and yet I am doing this because my purpose is clear. So, learn from people and grow every single day. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance.

I always thought my passion for writing is very strong. But to be honest writing is about purpose. I think if I had written in 2015, not too sure of what I would write, but today I am very clear about my Why?

It feels good when I am working on a few things in life which matter the most for success and happiness. During the lockdown I made the best use of time to create a mind map for my life. This helped me document my goals and my priorities.

My mind map for writing this blog

Why I decided to write a blog
  • Focus
  • Consistency / Disciplines
  • Learn / Knowledge
  • Share / Help the world with my knowledge
  • Earn through above 4 and prove it’s possible with a real example.
  • Stay connected to the world through my page.

My advise to all those who have the passion to start a blog, I suggest you do it now. Talk to friends who motivate you and can be positive influencers to bring the best in you.

It does not matter what, but surely matters why.

If you are regularly reading my blog, I would be happy to guide in my best ability. Let’s use our time to share the experiences through words.

Happy Reading, Happy Writing. !

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