The reason why I invested 1500 days into golf

May the 11th 2020, counting today I have roughly invested 1500 days into the game of golf that’s about ~ 4+ yrs. To me, this game is ” Way of life“. Even until 29, it’s hard to believe I had never even entered a golf course. It felt like you need to be a member of the club, be very rich to play, elite with the attire, way too expensive to afford the golf kit, and most importantly felt its an old man sport.

I was talking to a close friend this morning after a long time, I was surprised when he first said ” Hey golfer, wassup !!! You become a big man now. ” That line stuck in my mind really deep. I could exactly feel his emotions because that’s how I was thinking before I played the game. So, what better than to write and share my journey into the game of golf.

Introduction to the game
So as an entrepreneur, I was part of a networking event, which was organized at the Zion Hills Golf Club at Kolar. Everyone was excited because, for most of us, it was our first time into the golf course. Therefore, each one ensured to be dressed appropriately for the event. Glad it was a warm and friendly club. Thanks to James Goh, a Singaporean business friend who had initiated the plan and he was an avid golfer. The group was looking forward to the golf clinic arranged with coach Arjun Lall.

You can imagine a bunch of individuals listening to Newton law falling through the sky. At first, it was really tough to catch the terms related to golf. What we called the stick was a club and only close to the game we know was cricket. Hitting the balls like a kid was fantastic to watch. Many even missed touching the ball, and few could hit all across the range. I was very happy to know life had given me a chance to learn this game. Certainly, this was far away from reach. Arjun saw me hitting the balls, which were really the best & longest amongst the group. I started sweating slightly and Arjun told me that’s why golfers wear gloves. I told him, I need one.

My first investment into the game
So, I remember being the only person who went to the pro shop and invested in buying the gloves. It did cost me a lot from a non-golfers prospective 15$ ( INR 1100 ). Most people felt why do we need as we ain’t going to play the game post the event. But, I took it just as a souvenir to let me know I have been introduced to the game. At that time I really did not know, the gloves I bought would get me back to the game. This is what I call it Destiny.

There are a few things that happen to you by sheer destiny and we should accept it. Later, because of my good friend Dr. Amit Punjabi made me get back to the game. On a weekday, I met him for some work, and there I saw him in the golf attire. I was delighted by that sight. I forgot talking business and asked him what’s happening with golf?. We were great buddies and he became my reason to give the blueprint via coach Sridhar. Only to realize Sridhar was the best coach at Karnataka Golf Association. He guided me further with the basics and got me ready to get on the course.

What is it you need to play this sport
To a lot of people who want to learn to play this sport, get the below list ready.

Three important things you need to play the sport

  • Golf Kit ( Rentals available/resale too for cheaper options )
  • Attire ( T-shirt with collar and pants, shoes, Cap, etc )
  • Golf Coach ( Every golf course will have & will charge hourly basis )
Golf connects bright minds

With the minimum of above 3 lists in mind, you could at first learn the basics of the game. Keep your costs low, and manage from friends so you get to point to understand if this game interests you. I always believe once invested, well tasted. I got my set and went on to the course to play the game.

The reason I invested 4 years into the game of golf

So, I committed to the game even though it was costing me a lot of money, time, and patience. On the other hand, I had to take care of my business. Certainly, it was a tough decision but when I felt I’m growing every single day in the game I stuck to it. I started to be more focussed, active, and productive. Certainly, this game had the ability to make me mentally strong and handle any tough situation.

I got to network with some amazing business owners who now are my close buddies. My focus shifted to growth. So, with 1500+ days of investment into the game, I feel more committed and thus wait to get on the golf course. Some day I wish to be on OWGR ranking. That’s my goal.

If you have any questions related to golf, please feel free to get in touch and will be happy to answer your questions. Email me to chetaniy at gmail dot com.

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