How I used ‘ The smart play’ strategy to break 80

I hope you read my previous article about The Smart Play tool. This is for all the golfers who choose to play good golf and most importantly a stress-free game.

So, I decided to experiment with the TSP ( The smart play ) tool for my game at Prestige Golfshire Club on the 3rd of July 2020. We were a 4 ball competitive golfers who teed up at 7.15 am on a beautiful Friday morning. Our handicaps were as follows Shriram (6), Raju (6), Rahul (7), and Chetan (9). We were ready for a great round of golf.


Firstly, after reading the TSP tool I made a few notes about my goal for the game on 3rd July. This helped me prepare myself to give that confidence which mattered a lot.

My goal was to break 80 on a par 72 course playing from the Black tees. I knew it is hard but that is what excited me with a growth mindset. I followed the points given in the TSP tool. Thus ensured to clean up my clubs, keep all required essentials, have good sleep, and reach early to the course. Do some warm-up, fell the putts, and be mentally all prep for the game.


I felt great playing the game by simplifying a few basics which were a key factor. So ensured to stick to my plan, my game, and be disciplined. Below you see the scorecard screenshot which explains the story of my game.

Starting from the back 9 i.e 10th hole, I kept my cool with 2 bogeys to start with. On the 14th hole, I found my rhythm when got the first GIR and the confident putts. That got me going and I was 5over at the turn. Overall finished the round playing 10 over 82 on par 72 golf course.

Scorecard from TheGrint


At first, I felt happy for the way I played and visualized the complete game in mind. Furthermore, drove back home and made a quick check on how many shots could I have saved and where.

This approach is to ensure I stick to my basics of golf. Which makes me learn, practice, and be well prepared for the next time.

So, an error was on the 4th hole where I could have saved 1 shot by just being out of the bunker. Then, on the 13th with GIR I ended up doing 3 putts from 18 ft. Finally on the 18th hole where I was 2 on the green and made 3 putts.


  • Work on the bunker game
  • Get better feel on a long putt
  • Improve GIR %

Overall, I enjoyed my game though I could not break 80, I accepted I need to work on a few basics of the game. My intension of this article is, sometimes we don’t achieve our target, but it’s important we accept and learn from it. Key in golf is focus and effort. I will work on the above and share how the TSP tool helped me achieve better scores with no stress.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Do connect with me for any questions on Twitter or Instagram.

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