Introducing – ‘The smart play’ a blog series on how to play stress-free golf

I am excited to bring together my passion for golf in the form of content through a series of blog called ” The Smart Play “. The idea is to share my thoughts on how to best play different golf courses thus making it valuable to the golfing community to improve their game and also play stress-free golf.

I believe once a golfer always a golfer. The game is certainly addictive and anyone can play at all ages. You see a 5-year kid learning at the range while also 90 years old playing the game It has a lot of mental side to the play which makes it unique and challenging. The golfer isn’t really competing with other players, but the fight is within themselves and the golf course.

So I decided to write a dedicated series on how to play different golf courses through my blog titled ‘ The smart play’.

For 4 years, I have played extensively to learn the game of golf and play well. I must admit that it is not easy. With all my efforts, I am still currently at 6.5 handicap index and aiming to play scratch golf

So, I have created a tool using the technique helping each one play stress free smart golf. If you ready to learn more and improvise your score, follow the below steps.

SPECIFIC – Who, What, When, Where, Which and Why. ?

Prestige Golfshire

MEASURABLE – Create criteria

ATTAINABLE – Develop attitudes, abilities, and skill

REALISTIC – Willing and able to WORK towards the goal

It is important that you are serious about improving your game or about the goal you have set. Often I see people being overconfident and not follow a few important steps that impact their game.

So, we need to be realistic about our goals and also be willing to work towards them. This means analyzing our strengths and weakness to thus work accordingly. In my case below is the REALISTIC approach I took going into the game.

TIMELY – Anchor your goal to a specific date short term / long term.

Each of these goals has to be defined with respect to time to ensure we are tracking it and growing too. Statistics do play a key role but the most important thing is being honest with this game. It does rewards but also punishes when we don’t respect a few aspects of the game.

Even professional golfers have told me how challenging the game gets which demands them to be disciplined every single day.

I decided to take a 90-day timeline to track my growth through the technique of ‘ the smart play.’ I will keep a track of my 90 days goal and share here soon i.e October 1st week 2020.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter or Instagram.

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