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At the beginning of this year, who would have thought that the world will be under such a massive lockdown due to an unseen virus. It is a tough phase for everybody. It certainly is making a lot of people stressed and negative in their minds. Thus on the 11th of May, I decided to share a post on my Facebook page about an idea of how we work ( flexible ) and from where we work ( choice of the workplace ).

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Change is inevitable, accept it.
Growth is Optional, it’s your choice.

You are on your own

When I say this, it means we need to find a solution to our own problems. Let us accept that the government, companies we work for, our customers, our vendors, and everyone in the supply chain are at the receiving end. This crisis has taken us 5 years back in time. We not sure of the downside, but I can assure you that there is everything upside if we stay afloat and think 2025 from here. I am willing to put my time in building this for you, the question is are you willing to be part of the community. If yes, fantastic. Welcome on board.

Skills – build your identity and pay the bills

We all were so busy running through our daily jobs, that we forgot what our real skills were. Now with so much time in hand, we realize where we stand in life at times of challenges. These crises will wipe out a lot of career options for people and introduce many new ones. The reason I am saying this is because you need to be ready to UP YOUR GAME if you want to survive in the future and stay relevant to growth opportunities. Think about it, as technology will surely change the dimension of your work life completely. Hope you see it coming. Let’s be honest and sharpen our knowledge of the core domain we best at.

WFH – Work from home is trending

Workfromhome is the new normal. Look at how we have adapted to the need of working even during the crisis from our home. I spoke to friends who were working from home for more than 8hours. They were happy since it cut down their 3 hours of daily commute time, the stress in traffic, and more time with family for whom they really work. On the other hand, we have a lot of people who have lost their jobs, businesses that had to shut due to financial stress, college graduates who completed their degree but now with no window of hope for well-paying jobs. What are they all doing at home? Are they working or not? These times are critical because it’s now what you will show up as results in months. Always be ahead of the curve.

WorkfromHub – The Hub Community

I am on the mission to build the hub community in India where time is money and work is worship. Our tech platform will enable the onboarding process digitally and give you access to learning and opportunities.

Our education system was successful to teach us how to get good grades and a degree. But not trained on how to fail and bounce back. We had to learn that from real-life experiences.

The meaning of HUB

What is the idea?

We are building the technology platform that will curate the real estate available for the remote workplace as our HUB. This real estate typically is the cafes, co-working spaces, hotel lobbies, etc available around the city making it accessible for work, meeting, events. This hub will follow the social distancing norms and compliances required for efficient working. As a community, we aim to bridge the gap of finding real-time remote work opportunities to earn income from the tasks listed on the platform.

While the work has begun to create the platform ( beta ) which is targeted to be launched by June 15th. The First 100 members will get access to the community – by INVITE ONLY.

We also will have the waitlist for people who look forward to joining the community. Once the product is fully functional we will be sending the circular to all our members.

Kindly get in touch with me to discuss further. Prefer a call anytime.


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