The top 6 golf courses in Bangalore

Bangalore, also known as ‘ Bengaluru ‘ is called the Garden city of India. Many also refer to it as Silicon Valley of India. The city offers a great experience to the golfing community. So, if you ever plan to visit Bangalore you will love to play one of the finest golf courses in the city.

Here the weather is so perfect for golf that it offers all year round golfing options. So, the first thing you fall in love is with the weather.

Here is the list of golf courses in Bangalore:

Karnataka Golf Association, Bangalore Golf Club, Prestige Golf Club, Eagleton Golf Course, Clover Greens Golf Course, Zion Hills Golf Course, ASC Golf Club, MEG Golf Club, Training Command Golf Course.

Therefore, I have curated a list of top golf courses that I recommend playing.

  1. Karnataka Golf Association

Experience one of the top golf courses in the country which offers European standard courses to play. The price is steep but you will not regret paying it. It is a long challenging course that tests all aspects of your game.

Karnataka Golf Course

2. Prestige Golfshire Golf Course

Nestled amidst the scenic Nandi Hills, a 15-minute drive from the airport is the finest golf course you will not regret playing. Troon managed golf course I would rate 10/10 for the way they have maintained fairways and greens.

As you enter the club, you will realise that it no more is Bangalore but world class golfing destination. It is a destination in itself.

Prestige Golf Course

3. Eagleton Golf Course

Just as you head towards Mysore road, you start to dream about Coorg, Kabini, Ooty, Chikmagalur by then you need to take a left before Bidadi after crossing Toyota factory on the highway. This course is truly a challenge with different green speed and course layout.

Eagleton Golf Course

4. Clover Greens Golf Course

This course is fun playing. So imagine crossing the borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to play a round of golf. The team at the club maintains great infrastructure and offers amazing hospitality.

Keep the ball in fairway and you sure to get best game of life.

Clover Greens

5. Bangalore Golf Club

Did you know BGC is the oldest golf club situated inside the heart of Bengaluru city? So, this course can get you thinking as its a short course design ideal for iron play and keep the ball in play. A lot of trees and OB makes it the hardest. I call it a pure iron play course.

You need the discipline to play this course and I recommend everyone to play this as is saves time to get to the course and you can finish in 4 .15 minutes game by walk.

Bangalore Club

6. Zion Hills Golf Course

Welcome to the Zion hills golf course which is nestled away from the city towards Kolar is an hour drive. So, the course offers a unique experience to play with challenging wind conditions and no wait.

Also, I did start my golf journey from this course & so I love being at Zion always.

Here, you play the 9 hole course from the different tee box and flag position on the turn. The best part of the course is the greens, how true they are. So, the clubhouse offers a great ambiance to sit down and sip a beer or have a meal with the group you love to play with the most. Therefore it is ideal for families too as they have villas on rent for those who want to stay overnight.

Zion Hills

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