Waves don’t make noise

Today, I decided to take you to the beach. Sit by the shore looking at the ocean. Then, watch the waves coming towards us. The first thought is the waves don’t make noise but to me, it feels like they play the music of success.

Have you ever heard the music of success? If not think about one such moment watching the waves. Hard work, dedication, struggle all making its way to applaud loud and clear. Trust me its a treat to listen.

Waves don't make noise

But, certainly it’s a perspective to the way we look at things. I know people who are scared of beaches and find waves fearful. We should accept that too. Remember, we all have fears because of how we look at them. Ocean scares as we think we might drown. So, for once see things differently and visualise the story of the waves.

This moment took me through the years of hard work I put in over the last decade. I needed this moment. This was my time for meditation. Just then I got on to a journey I like to share with you now.

Do you want to listen to the journey of the waves ?

Waves are the testimonials of your success. They don’t make noise but express the happiness that we have arrived. They look forward to arriving at the shore sharing their happiness. You know the color of happiness, it’s white.

Each one goes through varied life experiences just like being on the ocean. It required patience, deep understanding and facing fears. Set you goals and enjoy the journey for waves will take you to your destination.

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