What schools don’t teach us

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So, today is such a lovely Saturday, and I feel so fresh waking up even before the alarm. You must be thinking what’s so special about today knowing that we are going to be at home all day long, under the lockdown day 47. Just before I woke up, I heard my neighbor kid cry loud and I don’t know why he was crying but you for sure now know why I woke up before the alarm.

That kid was my wake up call. I immediately thought about my school day and those Saturdays how I was the happiest kid.

Excited about the well-ironed white uniform, polished white canvas shoes, classes for half-a-day, and more-time to play cricket with friends. Saturday certainly was special during the school day. Thinking of which, I decided to go back to the journey and write my today’s blog titled – What schools don’t teach us about life.

Before we get into what schools don’t teach, it’s important to know what they teach. Let us go back to our journey and list the subject we were taught.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Sports day
  • Cultural day

The format of the school was such that you have a Class, then section, the groups of students in a class became classmates, role number, attendance, class teacher, class monitor, exams, rank holders, good students, naughty students, lunch break, sports day, different houses, cultural day, etc.

Let me share a glimpse of memory with my class picture. I have marked Pratik in red arrow and myself in yellow. I love my life in school when I always looked up to learning something new that will make me a better student.

My old school photo
My school class group picture

Thinking about those days, if someone asked what was my goal. I said to get good marks in exams, participate in maximum outdoor activities and be outside the class as much as I can and the infatuation on your girl/guy took the rest of the time during the school day. I am sure we don’t see any implementation of the subjects we learned but surely our teachers taught us key lessons.

  • Be a good student
  • Listen to your teachers
  • Get good grades
  • Discipline is must to be successful.

So, I decided to speak to teachers from my school day & they remember me as a notorious kid no so good in studies but always into sports and cultural activities. The reason I am bringing this point is, we humans evolve based on the ecosystem and the choices we make. Now having lived life through residential school away from parents, independently managed to live in a new city and pay the college fees, start a bold step to start a business on my own without external funding all seems great but there are few things I have realized should have been part of the school.

  1. Fitness and Health
  2. Financial knowledge
  3. Relationships
  4. Time

So, I feel these were things we should have given priority to in our school day. That is one hour of classes every day as a subject to ensure we knew the basics. Even if I had invested 100 Rs each class by now would have a millionaire. Thus, I feel we made a lot of mistakes not giving importance to the core of life.

Because of this, I suggest you spare some time to think about the challenges we face in life. So, you relate to the 4 pillars we have listed above.

Let’s understand that life is truly beautiful if we lived every single day not chasing the invisible but seek to find inner happiness. So, let’s take care of this mind, body, and soul to find real happiness doing things we love and being with people we care about.

Therefore, I hope you agree that the habits we built through our childhood build a character in us. So, we have to impart this knowledge to our kids with these 4 important teachings of life as a new normal.


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