Who pays your bill?

Ask this question, who pays your bill? You will realise whom to take serious and whom not to.

The reason I am writing this is because we often have friends, family, colleagues giving us advise on what to do in life? I do not intend to say they are wrong but it’s important to filter out noise in our life.

I often ask people who advise me, will they cut a cheque for me? If the answer is yes, I take that money and take the advise serious.

But if someone gives free advise and not ready to pay my bills, I immediately pass it. Why do I do so?

It is because, grass is greener on other side always. We often feel we are missing something that we don’t have. That is a trap.

Believe me, follow this principle of Who pays your bill concept and see how focussed you get and make life simplified.

Try it and share your experience.

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