Why I decided to start blogging

I have a friend who kept calling me Chetan Yelapukar. He could not get my last name correct. So I ignored once, twice, and then I felt I should let him know that it mattered to me. He apologized at first and tried his best to soon be able to call Chetan Yallapurkar correctly.

I was really happy and then I had another colleague come to me and said hey I read your blog Chetan Yelapuk .com something. He too couldn’t get it right. I made a firm decision that I will ensure the world get my full name right.

Chetan writing passion

So my goal was to have my name on top searched keyword on google. I had no idea about blogging, SEO, or anything a year back. Thanks to my friend Anil who guided me to pursue my goal of writing and set up this account on WordPress.

It has been 2 months since I wrote my first blog here, since then I must have written 30 odd articles. I feel proud because I know how hard it can get to think and write on regular basis. Even now I find it challenging but my goal keeps motivating me to stay patient.

So I committed to writing because I felt liberated with the process of involving mind to think. It energizes me from within. Being able to produce content makes me feel responsible. I love the fact that the world is going to read my blog, and so it’s important I am devoted to it.

To all my readers, I want them to know me for being able to simplify life with concepts that are related to sports, travel, and work. I am wearing a new hat being an entrepreneur post the lockdown took away 8 years of hard work.

I knew I needed to reinvent myself during this crisis. So I was ready to pay any price to recreate a life I deserved. Trust me, when you fail the fire in belly is infinite. I am redefining my life’s mission through writing and power of thinking. Soon I will change the world for better tomorrow.

So, if you reading this now do comment on what topic you like me to write about. I will surely work on them and share what you looking for. Do find me on Twitter or Instagram and get in touch.

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